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The Iron Lounge

because being Tony Stark (and his posse) is too much damn fun

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The Iron Lounge is a community for Iron Man muses, either comic canon or movie canon. The only requirement is that you must be an Iron Man muse -- Tony Stark, Jim Rhodes, Pepper Potts, or even obscure muses like Agent Phil Coulson. (Because honestly? The mod loves Coulson.)

The community is for both IC posts of all sorts (anything from IC rants, to RP posts) and OOC discussion (plot points, hilarity). Whatever you can think of, if it involves Iron Man RP, you can post it here.

This community is for Iron Man muses only. Mods will not approve any journal that is not clearly marked as an Iron Man character journal.


1. The Golden Rule || This is an obvious one. Treat each other with respect. If your Tony is movie!canon and someone else is comic!canon, don't tell them how yours is better. There is no wrong or right way to play a muse. Use common sense and common courtesy. If you engage in wank, you will be kicked out faster than Christine Everhart.

1A. The Iron Rule || Tony Stark is a jackass. We like him that way. Fully expect that someone's Tony may be a jackass to you IC. This is fine. However, if you are a jackass OOC, or using IC posts as a way of being an OOC jackass, this is not cool and the mods will be annoyed.

2. Content || This is a roleplaying and discussion community. Fiction and graphics posts can be posted elsewhere, like at ironman_movie.

3. Crack || That said, this is a community with many versions of the same muses and the muns are fully aware that crack will ensue. We encourage members to experiment and have fun. If your post contains adult content, please put it behind a cut and label it with the appropriate warning. Please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

4. Spoilers || If you've made it this far, we the mods assume you have seen Iron Man...so spoiler cuts aren't necessary.


Welcome to your one-stop shop for Iron Man multiverses, how can we help you?