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September 2008



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Jun. 25th, 2008


Oops, I did it again.

After talking with various IM muns last night and having another of my "Jon Favreau gets no love" tirades...

Have a Happy.

He'll be floating about various communities -- I haven't decided what to do with him yet -- but will be available for any other muses that want to have him!

(Also, if anyone can find icons of him? That would rock. Mine are almost all Favreau set photos.)


(no subject)

Muse: Obadiah Stane.

Journal: ironmonger  (clever username isn't it?)

Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): Movie. Reading the movie novelization currently and any details from that may be incorporated, but I have no plans, as of now, to go search for the 80's era comics.

Communities you play in: sixwordstories  for now. I'm not certain how active this muse will be or if people will like my take on Obi, but we'll see. I'd be more open to an RP comm then a writing one, feel free to nudge me.

Anything you want to tell us about your muse: I have a tendency to bounce around to different time periods with muses. Obviously, he goes from a (seemingly) bemusing fatherly character to a villain in a short period of time. As a result, how Obi reacts to Tony might be different in one post then another. I'll do my best as a mun to make the time period clear.

A way to contact you for interaction: aim is xxkastorxx, mun journal is don't_know_me at InsaneJournal.com
Potts secretary


Pepper Potts er... around. ;)

Muse: Pepper Potts
Journal: takingouttrash
Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): Movie, although as I start catching up with the comic canon, we'll see what of that can be used!
Communities you play in: sixwordstories, dear_mun, we'll probably write for justprompts until we figure out what to do. It's highly likely that we'll try for mind_the_muse soon (Note: That comm allows up to four versions of the same muse. Just saying.)
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: This muse is about three days old. If we're making a misstep? POKE US AND TELL US SO!
Also, we're open for every and any kind of crack.
A way to contact you for interaction: aim is k1k1bug, mun journal is kikibug13, and my gmail is kikibug13 too.

Note: My time zone is Zulu+2 - that's 7 hours ahead of EST and 10 hours ahead of PST. If my up hours seem odd? That may account for it!

Jun. 24th, 2008

Iron Man : lifting car



Muse ListCollapse )
Tony : with Rhodey BFF


First Post

Welcome to the Iron Lounge, the community for Iron Man role-players across LJ. Anything goes here, as long as it's related to RP.

Upon arriving, if you want to post an intro with a brief introduction to your muse and the communities you play in, that would be made of awesome. I'm hoping to catalogue a list of Iron Man muses and muns at some point...among other things.

Just something like:

Canon (comic, movie, both, other?):
Communities you play in:
Anything you want to tell us about your muse:
A way to contact you for interaction:

For instance, my Tony (superherotype) is a movie!canon Tony who plays at milliways_bar, sixwordstories, realmof_themuse, and dear_mun. He interacts with all sorts of IM muses, regardless of canon. And I can be reached at the AIM controller4life.

The community is still under construction, but enjoy nonetheless!

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