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stark industries

September 2008

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[happy] waiting with a smile

virginia_potts in iron_lounge

Muse: Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Journal: virginia_potts
Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): Movie with some of the movie novelization thrown in to flush out background.
Communities you play in: polychromatic and occasionally dear_mun. I'm also considering doing justprompts to keep the muse alive.
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: I've only been playing her in Polychromatic for about two weeks now. She interacts with a Tony Stark from the Civil war/616 Marvel universe which makes for some interesting moments. They still have quite a bit of UST going for being from alternate dimensions.
A way to contact you for interaction: I can be reached through email ariyanaforever@gmail.com or this post at my personal muse community.

I'm always up RP discussions and helping others flush out ideas for plotlines or just random crack.


Heee welcome aboard! And justprompts is awesome for random writing! :D
Thank you. ^.^ I noticed they have some cool prompts. So I'm hoping to get some writing in.

I'm Ari by the way. I probably should have said that up there too. ^^;
Yes they do! That comm gets so much love from me and it always deserves more! :D And you can really just use any of the prompts, no matter how far back, so!

I'm Kiki, nice to meetcha! May the good times roll!