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Sep. 8th, 2008

Lt. Col.


An introduction

Muse: James "Rhodey" Rhodes

Journal: humdrumvee

Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): Mooostly movie, possibly with expansions from novelization (where not contradictory), comics (minorly, but probably some, and again, where not contradictory), and RP as is developing.

Communities you play in: Besides IJ, sixwordstories and potentially writing prompts for justprompts

Anything you want to tell us about your muse: He's more... loyal to (and fond of) Tony than that one scene in the movie indicated, and he still repeats that to himself. Also, that depends on the ages, but if going along with a frequent 35 for Tony, he and Rhodey have known each other for almost twenty years. And still neither has killed the other. So. Friendship.

A way to contact you for interaction: AIM: k1k1bug; gmail: kikibug13 at gmail dot com.

Aug. 9th, 2008

a healthy working relationship, normally so discreet


smallish panfandom hotel seeks abrasive genius with vigilante suit

Or: This seems like as good a place as any to advertise for a Tony.
Hokay, so. I've got Jarvis at outsideinn, and we recently acquired a Pepper; recent developments mean having a Tony would make things ALL THE MORE FUN. There are only two things we ask:
1) Primarily-movie-canon Tony, as neither of us are familiar with the comics (some comics!backstory is fine); and
2) Please not someone who'd be angling for Tony/Pepper, as it... kind of looks like that won't be happening.
Beyond that, we are not picky!
The game itself is relatively quiet these days, but it's great fun. And who knows, maybe someone new will help breathe a little life back into it.

Jul. 23rd, 2008

[happy] waiting with a smile


(no subject)

Muse: Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Journal: virginia_potts
Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): Movie with some of the movie novelization thrown in to flush out background.
Communities you play in: polychromatic and occasionally dear_mun. I'm also considering doing justprompts to keep the muse alive.
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: I've only been playing her in Polychromatic for about two weeks now. She interacts with a Tony Stark from the Civil war/616 Marvel universe which makes for some interesting moments. They still have quite a bit of UST going for being from alternate dimensions.
A way to contact you for interaction: I can be reached through email ariyanaforever@gmail.com or this post at my personal muse community.

I'm always up RP discussions and helping others flush out ideas for plotlines or just random crack.

Jul. 6th, 2008



(no subject)

Muse: Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Journal: piperaceae
Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): This is movie!Pepper. I unfortunately have a rather limited knowledge of the comics, so generally the intarwebz have been my main source of background info.
Communities you play in: Mainly milliways_bar. She flitted around in mixed_muses for a bit, so she may be back there sometime.
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: Uh. Harried & Overworked Assistants' Club. Join today.
A way to contact you for interaction: I'm on aim at tintin et herge, and my e-mail is henpen.klavier@gmail.com. Pepper is totally open for roleplay, if you need her.

Jul. 2nd, 2008

a healthy working relationship, normally so discreet



So, the introduction:
::points to journal name:: This would be another Jarvis. Movie-canon; I'm not much of one for comic books.
I've got him at outsideinn, and... I tried for Milliways, but someone must've beaten me by like a MINUTE. XD Which is kinda sad, since the inn's lacking in Iron Man folken, but eh. There's also mixed_muses, which I used to great effect to see how well Jarvis would stick around.
Otherwise... I have an Evil Plan in mind already, which shall be great fun to execute (for me, anyway). And this is not terribly coherent, which I attribute to the lateness of the hour, so I shall close by saying my contact info is on the journal's profile, and pls to make sure I know who you are.

Jun. 25th, 2008



(no subject)

Muse: James "Rhodey, Jim" Rhodes
Journal: nexttimebaby
Canon (comic, movie, both, other?): I'm playing Rhodey from movie-canon; pardon my French, but I fucking love Jim in the comics, though, so comic-Rhodey may make an appearance once in a while in one of my games. I'm integrating bits and pieces from the comics for his backstory.
Communities you play in: I'm currently playing in milliways_bar and shatterverse
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: Rhodey says 'oh hell no' in response to the idea of there being more than one Tony Stark in this world.
A way to contact you for interaction: Drop a comment somewhere over at sotto_voice :D


(no subject)

Muse: Tony Stark, Director of SHIELD.
Journal: This one! :{D>
Canon: Comics, Earth-616. Civil War and all, baby.
Communities you play in: dear_multiverse and accompanying places.
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: He's from the same semi-canon as a few of my other pups (osborn_journals, nipplefaucets), and a few pups of other folks. It mostly follows Marvel, with a few adjustments for timeline and RP events. (And mun preference. No OMD here.) He's the Director Stark not_really_iron's intro refers to.
A way to contact you for interaction: I'm on AIM as Shaladox or Viridis Atrum quite a lot of the time. I'm also reachable via email at shaladox @ gmail.com.

In closing: Have an icon!
let me have my coffee first


(no subject)

Muse: Tony Stark. Surprise.
Journal: aestark
Canon: I'm still a little divided. Initially I wanted a comic muse but since I'm on a budget a simplistic kind of person I voted for the movieverse with compliments to some comicbook happenings.
Communities you play in: just sixwordstories
Anything you want to tell us about your muse: *cough* He has had his meta moments. They're jokes. Laugh, bitches. He can be serious when I he wants to and when I decree madness it's there, but that's only for goofy 'ooc' things.
A way to contact you for interaction: I'm around on AIM throughflyeyes and MSN cannibalartist AT hotmail Name's Rae :)



Howdy, howdy, I'm Takhys and this is a movieverse JARVIS mainly for use at dear_multiverse and sixwordstories. I've been playing him fairly snippy and familiar with internet memery -- while Mr. Stark was gone, Jarvis turned to 4chan to get his daily dose of immature behaviour.

Questions? Comments? Screaming objections?
it's my plane



Greetings. Given the nature of the community, this whole intro business promises to get a little repetitive.
I'll be brief.
I play yet another Tony Stark (not_really_iron) who is strictly movieverse, but has recently become interdimensional liaison between his SHIELD and the 616 comic-verse SHIELD (of which Tony Stark is currently Director. No, not this one. Another one.) I play in dear_multiverse, nexus_lounge, and dear_mun. I've been thinking of joining a prompt community, but haven't decided on one.
I'm very open to a wide variety of rp plots and styles of play and I can be found on AIM almost constantly at BlackSpotJack .

Questions? Comments? Hate? Leave it at the beep.

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